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Referee Progression

Referee progression is a natural part of being an official.

There are two pathways for officials to progress to the next level and it depends on what accreditation you hold.

To check your accreditation, you will need to sign into your profile.

To do this, follow the instructions below

1. Goto

2. Log in

3. Click the 3 bars on the top left

4. Click Accreditations

5. Select the profile you wish to view

Check the video below if you need assistance

Depending on when you started, you will see that you either have Foundation accreditation or it will list age groups Eg 6-12, 13-15 or 16+

If you have a Foundation 1 accreditation listed and wish to progress to Foundation 2, see the Foundation Accreditation section.

If you have age groups listed and wish to progress to higher age groups, see the Age Group Accreditation section


Age Group officials need to progress through the three age tiers for their progression.

After completing the first face to face session, officials progress by completing online modules and being assessed on a game in the age group they are progressing too.

Officials with U6-12 accreditation

1. Enroll and complete the U13-15 modules, by clicking below

2. Enroll in the U13-15 assessment, by clicking below


Officials with U13-U15 accreditation (Must be 17 to progress to U16+)

1.Enroll and complete the U16+ modules, click below


2. Enroll in the U16+ assessment, by clicking below


More information on the National Officiating Accreditation Structure, progression and assessment sheets for what you'll be assessed on can be found via the link below

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