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Engagement Information

The GCRLRA provide officials for all QRL or NRL affiliated trials / games for schools and clubs

To engage the GCRLRA please

send an email to the association secretary - with the following information

  • Date

  • Kick-off times

  • Ages / Grade

  • Venue

  • Field configuration ( Eg Field 1 )

  • Teams involved

  • Billing information including contact name, email and mobile number

    A blank draw sheet is available if required for download HERE Complete this and attach it to your email.

    We do not provide First Aid persons. It is a requirement that a qualified First Aid person is in attendance for any match to proceed.
    It is a requirement that goal post pads are fitted to all posts. Games cannot proceed without them.

    Why choose our officials

  • Nationally Accredited NRL Officials

  • Possess a QLD Blue Card if over the age of 18

  • Have Work Cover Insurance

  • Have Public Liability Insurance

    Anyone officiating a game of rugby league could be personally liable should an injury occur, in which the costs could run into the millions.

    Billing Policy

  • Please be aware that for games inside of school hours, officials may need to take time off from their normal day job to attend.

  • A convenor fee may be applicable for carnivals or season (multi-week) competitions

  • Once engaged any changes 48h or less from game day, such as forfeits, changes of time or changes of venue may still incur charges. This does not include weather events or ground closures, however you must notify us. Where we are not notified and officials arrive at the venue, charges will still apply.

  • If no qualified First Aid person is in attendance and the game cannot commence. The game will still be billed for.

  • If there are no goal post pads and the game cannot commence. The game will still be billed for.

  • Outstanding invoices may result in having services with-held, including during school competitions run by 3rd parties. 

    Zero Tolerance
    The GCRLRA has a zero tolerance towards bad behavior and violence. The is includes the dismissal of offenders and the cessation of games where the safety of participants, team officials, spectators or game officials becomes a concern.
    Please familiarize yourself with the QRL Positive Environment Program document, which can be found in the resources section of this website.                    

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