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Our Vision

Our vision is "to be the best referees association in Australia" and our mission is "to supply the rugby league community of the Gold Coast with high quality officials to apply the rules and control the game"

The Gold Coast Referees Association provides an alternate pathway to be involved with rugby league.

About our Association

The association is responsible for controlling over 240 junior and senior appointments every weekend with our area stretching from Tugun to Ormeau in the north and out west to Beaudesert and Jimboomba.

The association boats a fine record with developing talent, illustrated by Tori Wilkie who started refereeing as a 13 year old and is now a regular in the NRLW competition. Jarrod Cole also started as a 13yo and now has clocked up over 150 appearances at State level and is a regular in the NRL along with Dan Schwass.

We have numerous referees involved at state level and many junior referees officiating representative matches.

The Executive and Team 2024

Michael Gordon

0411 510 090

Management Committee

Serge Goncharoff

Ryan Hammond

Vice President

Bushy (Gavin Collins)

0414 349 720


Heath Zygnerski

0438 750 882

Assistant Secretary

Tori Wilkie



Tracy Zygnerski

0408 414 908

Assistant Treasurer

Shawn McQuillan

0426 273 384

2024 RLGC Coaching and Development1R

Director of Coaching
Recruitment, Retention and Development


Ben Holt

0468 477 378

Foundation Coaches ( Referee Coaches)
  • Mike Gordon (Pres)

  • Scott Harvey

  • Ben Holt

  • Dylan Lawrence

  • Jack Klein

  • John Klein

  • Shawn McQuillan

  • Kai Turner

  • Trevor Bennett

  • Taylor Ball

  • Jaykob Brown

  • Michael Caesar

  • Tom Campbell

  • Jarrod Cole

  • Gavin (Bushy) Collins

  • Izzy Davidson

  • Lloyd Evans

  • Eddie Gale

  • Serg Goncharoff

  • Randy Lee

  • Adam Rossiter

  • Pat Reynolds

  • Dan Schwass

  • Zac Schwass

  • Decland Shapland

  • Fletcher Shearman

  • Jake Stanton

  • Dennis Swenson

  • Sam Swift

  • Cameron Wegner

  • Tori Wilkie

  • Heath Zygnerski

NOAS Assessors
National Officiating Accreditation Structure


  • Tom Campbell

  • Heath Zygnerski

2024 RLGC Appointments Officers1R

Junior Appointments


Bushy (Gavin Collins)

0414 349 720

Senior Appointments




Blue Card Co-Ord


Eddie Gale

0411 819 974

Comms Gear Co-Ord


Zac Schwass

0401 218 611

Gear Steward


Mandy Cook

0431 107 252



Michael Pithie

0407 383 365

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