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Become a Referee

Refereeing is a fun, exciting, non-contact way to be involved with Rugby League.

Not only do you get to see all the action from the best seat on the field, but its a great way to keep fit and meet new and interesting people.

The Level 1 referee course will teach you the fundamentals of the referees involvement in the game.

The course is a half day hands on approach to get you ready to take the field.

Don't worry, we won't throw you in the deep end, you'll start off in the younger age groups under the watchful eye of one of our mentors or CMO's (Coach of Match Officials) who'll support you as you build your confidence.

Registration is open to anyone who is 13 years or older. Maybe you are still playing and want to earn some serious pocket money or you've decided to stop playing but want to stay involved and fit. No matter what your age, refereeing could be for you.

What are the next steps to becomming a referee

There are several steps in getting you on the field, the sooner the administration formalities are completed the sooner you can take the field.

1. Register your interest via email or contact form.

2. Register with the Gold Coast Rugby League Referees Association. Register online here.

3. Attend a general meeting to be voted into the association. The associations constitution stipulates that all members are to be voted into the association. This process is short and painless. Check our website for the date of the next meeting. Usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

4. Pay your membership fee and uniform deposit.

5. Complete the L1 referee course.

6. If over the age of 18 present or apply for your blue card.

7. Collect your uniform and take the field.

Pathway to NRL

Refereeing offers a defined path to NRL just as playing does.

As you progress through the local junior age groups you will have the opportunity to officiate at representative levels. As you progress and develop into the senior competitions, individuals are selected for the Academy whereby you have the opportunity to move on to the state level competition, the Instrust Super Cup. Officals here are one step away from officiating NRL matches.

Its a fun ride as you develop and increase your skills, you'll make new friends and learn what it's like to be rewarded for your hard effort.

Everyone has the opportunity to develop, improve and reach your NRL dream.

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