GCRLRA Appointments June 10 - 12


Please find this weeks appointments via the link below

Please ensure you check all tabs as you may be appointed at more than one ground.


If viewing appointments on a mobile device, rotate it to landscape to ensure you can view all tabs

Please check appointments prior to your appointment in case of changes.

If there are any issues with appointments or you have no appointments contact the relevant Appointments officer in the first instance.

Remember –

  • If you have a change of appointment, complete the online change of appointment form.

  • Complete online form for 321 for U15/1 - Seniors

  • If you have a send-off, player on report or incident

  • Text the Secretary immediately after your games.

  • Complete online send-off / on report web form by 8pm Sunday

Be familiar with the information in the Operations Manual, parents and officials please refer to the manual in the first instance.

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