Foundation 2 Progression Modules - Released

Foundation 2 is a progression from the entry level Foundation 1 Referee accreditation.

To enroll - Click Here

To download the assessment booklet and view the competencies - Click Here

Frequently asked questions

  • How old do I have to be? - You need to be 15 or older to be signed off

  • What if I am turning 15? - You can complete the modules and be assessed but you won't be signed off until you actually turn 15.

  • What games can I be assessed on? You must have 2 assessments where you are deemed competent and at least 1 of those assessments MUST be on a 13+ game.

  • Can I be signed off on 2 games in the same day? - No

  • What happens if I am below expectations in an area? The assessment will be used to highlight areas for coaching and development to prepare you for your next attempt.

  • How many attempts do I get for being assessed? - As many as you need to get two assessments with no areas deemed below expectations.

  • I enrolled and started my F2 progression last year, do I have to do it again? No, if you completed your online modules last year you are right to be assessed. If you have not completed your modules should complete them as soon as possible.

  • Do I need to be nervous about my assessment? No. The competencies should be part of your natural game.

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