Foundation 2 Modules NOW available

The NRL have just released the Foundation 2 Online modules, which will enable you progress to a Foundation 2 Official.

You will need to complete the online modules and have two satisfactory assessments completed by a CMO

The booklets required can be found at the link below. Please print 2 of them out and have them with you for a CMO to complete. The assessments must be completed on separate days.

Foundation 2 Assessment Booklet

Please enrol and complete the online modules via the below link

Foundation 2 Online Modules

Things to consider –

You must be at least 15 to progress to F2

At least 1 of your games that you are assessed on must be in the 13+ age group

Common Questions

  • I’m not 15 yet can I still do the online modules

Yes, however your game assessments must be completed within 12 months of completing the online modules.

  • How much does it cost?

It is Free

  • What games can I be assessed on

At least 1 game must be at U13 or older age group

  • Can I be signed off as an F2 before I am 15

No, however if you have completed the online modules and received 2 satisfactory assessments these will be held until you turn 15, at which time you will then be signed off.

  • Can I get signed off on 2 games in the same day.


  • What if I am ‘below expectations’ in an assessment area

This assessment will be used to highlight areas for coaching and development, so you can improve before your next assessments.

  • Do I need to be nervous about the assessment

No, officiate just like you would any other game. The competencies in the assessment should form part of your natural game.

  • How many attempts do I get at the assessments

As many as you need to get two assessments with no areas deemed below expectations

  • What will progressing to a Foundation 2 Official allow me to do.

It is part of the path way to becoming an NRL official and it will allow you progress to officiate in older age groups.

  • Where can I find out more information?

Foundation 2 Information

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